I felt like giving up -The struggle made me Stronger…

I felt like giving up but I wasn’t aware that something in life aren’t always as they seem to appear,

you see the struggle made me stronger.

All the pain and failure built a conqueror, what doesn’t kills you make you stronger ,

And clinging on to life just built my hunger.

I needed the time to understand it was the struggle that made me expand.

The struggle was a part of the plan, it made me who I am, being backed into a corner forced me to stand taller.

The struggle made me stronger, now i am a problem-solver, can rise and achieve anything.

I had to work harder, I had to work smarter, I had to be faster.

I always thought on giving up on you, but every time there was something which stopped me


The struggle made me stronger, stronger than I remember, in everyway I am BETTER