Love Yourself the way you are-Old Normal

Challenge Yourself to be the best version-New Normal

I would not say become “ THE PERFECT”

Lets just say:-

We have freedom of speech and expression, we love ourselves for our boldness, being bold is the best trait but lets just check our words with our brain before they left our mouth.

We love ourselves for our carefree nature, we don’t care where, what ,how things happened or happening until and unless it effect us. Being carefree is cool but lets just take care of our self and near ones, a little care &love will fill our heart with joy.

We love ourselves with the body we have no matter its unfit as we love eating, getting up late, late night work, chats and its completely fine to enjoy life. Being unfit is ok because it’s our choice but lets be careful with our diets and exercise and it will make you feel healthier & happy.

I will sum up Love Yourself but always Challenge Yourself to be a better version of Yourself, we should feel happy & proud with our own company.