Silver Linings on Dark Clouds…

And he replied ‘what you were talking yesterday is somewhat like this i cannot define…Just like camera is unable to show how beautiful are clouds after a decent spell of rain and just like this partial dark with a part bright, you are my brighter side under the dark times.

When you are the brighter side, just like the silver lining on dark clouds, i only concentrated on it.

With you i passed through darker side looking on the silver linings. The good years we spent and will spend which are gone and yet to come ,the only good about all this years is only ‘YOU’

Nothing else stored all came and gone and its really you more than anything that can be explained like the beauty of clouds.

She only asked one question” How far we have come together how was your journey with me in so many years???


I write as i always wanted to create a world of my own thoughts.