When I say time is money I am not comparing time with money, my idea is time is created thing, when people normally says they don’t have time, its generally they don’t want to do several task, or its not on their priority list.

Time Management –I leant the value of this term in covid-19, I learnt how to think and execute in mind and perform that task in minutes, I started calculating time in minutes and no wonder it made my life easier, task which use to take 30 minutes was cut down to 15 minutes and this is how I saved those 15minutes for other task.

Time never changes, it we who need to change, adjust and understand the value of time and make it productive and favorable . As the saying goes: Time is the world’s highest value currency and it can’t be saved up. Once spent, it’s gone from our lives forever.

Human race gets time in common, but we all use it in different manner and that’s impact our life. The only thing I regret about my time that I use to spent most of time sleeping and when i realized the value of time it changed my outlook towards life.

I would not say plan everything as few will not agree, there are people who ll say unplanned things are best.

I would end it with “Everyone has the gift of time, but few utilize”


I write as i always wanted to create a world of my own thoughts.